La Nuova Tradizione srl is result of  the hard work of a group of specialists that defined a new line of semi-finished products to support the ice cream maker’s job.

The Company’s philosophy is expressed by its name, La Nuova Tradizione, which states the strong will to strengthen and enhance the best ice cream tradition. Our products are characterised by their innovative contents, in full respect of  ice-cream makers’ expertise and Italian ice-cream tradition.

Quality, reliability and service are the values on which the Company has been founded and presented on the market.

Over the years the product range has been continuously widened and enhanced to meet the customers’ needs.

Thanks to a valuable Research & Development team and a flexible production, La Nuova Tradizione can supply any sort of customized product to satisfy the customers’ demands.

La Nuova Tradizione

Our Mission is our Brand name meaning. LA NUOVA TRADIZIONE marks the best way to reinforce... ...leggi


Cgi Flavors

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Alcohol aromas, Alcoholic and distilled infusions for the best Confectionery and Ice Cream tradition. ...leggi

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In a high competitive market, price is very important ...leggi

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