With its balanced and selected mix, the semi-finished product helps the artisans in the ice cream's base preparation.

The ice cream structure strongly depends on the base used; the bases we offer are formulated and balanced to obtain a high quality ice cream.

Our wide bases range has been developed to meet the ice cream makers’ needs. Thanks to its flexibility, La Nuova Tradizione can customize its bases on any customers’ specific demands.



Base with a wide range of dosages to obtain a unique, creamy and stable ice-cream.

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Powder Bases for the preparation of highly customized ice creams. 

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soft yogurt 3


Complete monodose bases to obtain a perfectly balanced ice cream. Cold working process. 

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panna montata

Basi Speciali

Cream flavour, for a soft ice cream, both for warm and cold process, with the addition of milk and cream.

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