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Frullato Lampone

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Succo e polpa di Lampone frullato creano una polpa dall’inconfondibile gusto intenso e naturale, per ottenere un gelato che mantiene intatto il sapore della vera frutta fresca

AROMI - Quanta confusione


Qualche informazione e dis-informazione su questi speciali ingredienti

Il Gelato che fa Bene


Tutti (o quasi) i benefici del Gelato!


Flavours are used in confectionery to colour and enhance flavour of batters baked products, and creams. They are also used to eliminate small flaws during production.

These products can be divided into two categories:

essential oils, concentrated extracts obtained from pressing fruits, flowers, and aromatic leaves, which are then distilled; 


flavours, mixtures of oils and flavouring substances, created to replicate the taste of a particular product (panettone, butter, etc.).

Flavours can be: 

 natural, if the product contains at least 92% of fruit herbs, or root extracts; 

nature-identical, if the flavour is obtained from the synthesis of products in labs, these products are chemically similar to natural ones;

artificial, banned by Italian law in food. 

Natural and nature-identical products are the best you can find in the market, output guaranteed, top quality ingredients. Clients who tried our flavours are extremely pleased with the results and continue ordering over and over.


Liquid Aromas

Mixes and essential oils with high performance

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Purest synthetic product with no addition of supports.

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This is a very special aroma, obtained with the finest spray-dry process

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Industry Line

The most used products in confectionery production


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Emulsified Aroma “Dosafacile”

Natural and natural identical aromas stabilized thanks to a special emulsion

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