Frozen Desserts

Meeting the new market trends that can be found in windows and in counters in artisan pastry shops, bite-size deserts are more and more at the centre of attention


They are desserts rich in cream, such as: mousses, Bavarian creams, parfaits, and Russian cream.


These new desserts, rich in colours and decorations, as well as creamy or fruity flavours,

stand alongside with traditional confectionery.


We offer different kinds of semi-manufactured goods that are easy to use and modify, according to the results desired: 

above or below zero desserts, with artisan-like features, but that can still be easily prepared, in different tastes and decorations, with the possibility to change them, thus customizing the recipe.



New Shimmering Icing ready to use : Red and Neutral with glitters

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Pasteurized creams, simple to use for all kinds of semifreddos.

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